Jersey Employment Trust (JET)

Date awarded: September 2020

Funder: Dormant Bank Account Fund

Amount Awarded: £16,548.48

About the project

The impact of Covid19 has been significant on jobseekers. The clients of JET are people who already face difficulties securing employment. JET want to continue to ensure that people who have a disability or long-term health condition have the same opportunities to achieve their goals. 
As the employment landscape changes post-Covid, and with more people out of work, there is a very real danger that their clients are the people who will suffer the most. They see internships being more important than ever in the ways in which they can help people secure work. 
A lot of their clients have been affected by lockdown, including redundancies and work placements withdrawn.

Throughout lockdown, JET have continued to offer their services, just not face-to-face. Instead, they have communicated via email, phone or video call.

JET internships are for clients who are motivated to work and who have already successfully completed a period of unpaid work experience with an employer. They particularly suit clients who have mental health issues or who are on the autism spectrum, as it allows them time to settle in and prove themselves. 

JET carefully match clients with internships in relevant roles and industries and offer them only to those who are committed, interested and likely to have a good outcome.

In the five years that they have been offering internships, they have seen a 75-80% success in the client securing the job. This has had long-term and often life-changing results for their clients.

The funding will be helping people like Kalin and Nuno.

Seeing the value in a person

Kalin has a full-time permanent role at a major international bank. Kalin today is very different from when he left school, having ended his school days on the alternative curriculum. Ten years ago he would never have imagined himself here. He had no qualifications and no idea what he wanted to do.

He has been helped by JET with work placements, mock interviews, training courses and voluntary work. To his employment co-ordinator Emma Burns he is a shining example of how someone can show their potential, given the chance. ‘Kalin trusted us. Everything we suggested he took on board,’ she says. ‘We recognised his strengths and we built up a good relationship. RBC accepted Kalin for who he is. They saw the value in him.’

RBC have clearly been impressed by what Kalin did when he was on placement. They realised that he preferred written instructions due to his autism.

‘I didn’t think I’d ever be doing this kind of work,’ he said. ‘It took a while to get used to, but it got easier. I’m very happy here.’

Nuno, who is on the autism spectrum, was the first to have a JET internship, in 2015

‘In my 20s I was studying IT at Highlands College when I fell ill with an infection. It took me a year to recover. Although I missed some lessons, I finished my course with distinctions. I had been looking forward to my second year but an opportunity came up to be an intern at Logicalis for six months. A month before I was due to finish, I was offered a job. I have been here for five years now and I have had a promotion to second-line engineer.

‘My internship was a perfect match and great timing. JET were always there if I had troubles. They are not people who turn you away or treat you any differently. I have been laughed at before but I have never been judged here.’

Results from this funding:

We will publish results from this funding once the funding period has finished.

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