Jersey Recovery College

Date awarded: October 2020

Funder: Dormant Bank Account Fund

Amount Awarded: £43,000

About the project

Covid-19 has had a significant impact the mental health of our community and a further lockdown over the winter will cause further deterioration on people’s wellbeing.

JRC have identified a significant local need to address how workplaces manage mental health. Two-thirds of people with a mental health difficulty say that work either caused or exacerbated their poor mental health and their research shows that 80% of local businesses have no mental health strategy or policy in place to support the mental health of their employees.

The MHAW training programme will work with employers to better support the mental health of their employees. The programme works with senior managers to create mental health strategies and cultures; it provides managers with tools to better support mental health at work; it helps employees better manage their own mental health and to support colleagues. JRC have designed the programme with 40 local businesses and those with lived experience.

JRC aim to work with 17 businesses over the first two-years. The programme will contribute to the long-term financial sustainability of JRC, helping them respond to the increased demand from Covid-19 and offering new training to support mental health on our Island.

Funding from the Jersey Community Foundation will support the set-up costs of the programme, meaning the programme can generate meaningful funds to grow JRC’s free community programme by 60 hours training next year while also allowing them to run free mental health workplace training for small businesses and charities.

Organisations are implementing enormous changes to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. This is placing significant additional stress on people, including new working patterns, working from home, pay cuts, threats of redundancy, role changes and safe working changes. If organisations do not proactively manage the mental health implications of Covid-19 and all this change, there is a real threat of people becoming unwell. JRC’s MHAW programme will help organisations to do better by their people, it will enhance workplaces for individuals already experiencing such adversity.

Results from this funding:

We will publish results from this funding once the funding period has finished.

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