The Grace Trust

Date awarded: November 2020

Funding to support their manager

Funder: Dormant Bank Account Fund

Amount Awarded: £29,952

The Grace Trust have seen a marked increase in their foodbank use since they reopened their foodbank in September this year. 141% more bags of food were given out this September than last September and they have seen 53.7% more people. Their Monthly Grocery Distribution Project continues to be a lifeline for many families and even more so in these times. As we deal with the aftermath of Covid-19 these two projects will continue to be in much demand. Providing a foodbank for those who simply cannot make ends meet has been a way of assisting many in our community.

Funding provided by the Jersey Community Foundation will cover the cost of their manager for one year. The manager plays a key role in running the centre and is integral to all their projects.

Since 1999, The Grace Trust has been offering practical help and support to those struggling within Jersey's community. Helping families and assisting those who may have found themselves homeless or falling into substance abuse or those who are simply lonely and finding themselves marginalized. Their goals are: to provide a consistent, relationship-built connection with people who struggle to fit into normal society and to encourage them to participate in community activities that they would naturally struggle to engage in.

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