The Shelter Trust

Date awarded: November 2020

Funder: Dormant Bank Account Fund

Amount Awarded: £48,000

About the project

As a result of Covid-19, The Shelter Trust needed to increase their capacity to cope with the surge in demand they experienced earlier in the year. They quickly adapted and provided extra bed spaces at two additional sites.

Funding has been provided by the Jersey Community Foundation to continue the provision of the extra capacity bed spaces and will cover staffed accommodation, food, support and a way forward for Covid-19 related homeless people.

To date 27 people have been accommodated at these sites, and have been supported and resettled to mainstream accommodation. It is essential that this site remains open during the winter months as The Shelter Trust are anticipating a sustained increase in numbers of homeless people as unemployment, relationship breakdown and health issues come to the fore as a result of the first phase of Covid-19

The emergency accommodation will welcome, support and resettle the many people expected to need The Trust's services during this Winter. Without this support, many people would be experiencing 'street homelessness' and 'rough sleeping'. The Trust aims to offer anchor points to service users whose lives have been turned upside down due to the pandemic and by their encounter with homelessness.

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