Heritage Fund

Heritage and Art are important and valued in Jersey and are key to our sense of identity as an Island. Cultural participation is known to bring benefits including learning and education, good health, social inclusion and satisfaction with life.

Understanding, valuing and sharing our heritage brings people together, inspires pride in our community and boosts investment into the local economy.

The current maximum grant size is £50,000 per applicant per financial year. Multi-year grants will be considered.

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Clearly setting out project outcomes The Jersey Community Foundation (JCF) was created to support projects that make a dif...

Priority Project Outcomes

1. Diversity and Inclusion Heritage services are available to and equally used by all. In a suc...

Additional Information and Application Closing Dates 2023

Examples of Supported Disciplines Heritage can be anything from the past that you value and wish to pass on to future gener...

Criteria for all applications:

Charities, not-for-profit, community groups or private owners of heritage may apply Successful applications will relate to a project,...

Supporting documents

Evidence that the cost of the item or items to be funded has been obtained and is reasonably priced, which evidence may include a selection of...

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