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The Jersey Community Foundation was founded in 2020 with the aim of making a positive difference to local lives. We give grant funding support to charities, community and voluntary groups in Jersey whose work benefits our community.

Read more about us here.

Applying for Funding

Click here to find out more about applying for funding from JCF and answers to some of our FAQs.

Funding Opportunities

Click here to find out what funding opportunities are currently available with JCF and what the criteria and deadline for applications are for each fund.

Grant Round Closing Dates 2024

Click here for list of all grant round closing dates for 2024.

Our Grant Process


Never miss a grant deadline


Empowering generosity:

The essence of giving back

Discover how your contributions support vital projects and causes, embodying our core values of generosity and impact. Join our journey, where every act of giving seeds a future of collective prosperity and resilience.

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