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Our vision is to create a community where every Islander is healthy, included and engaged. We also aspire to drive a sense of belonging and empowerment among individuals from all communities, ensuring that no one is left behind.

In pursuit of our vision, JCF is proud to have distributed over £6.5M to over 200 charities, community, and voluntary groups whose work directly impacts our Island community. These real-life examples from our active funds illustrate the positive difference made in our community through strategic grant making and collaborative partnerships.

The Jersey Community Fund

The Jersey Community Fund is our largest fund and provides support to the island community based on present need. This fund pools unrestricted donations from donors and from Dormant Bank Accounts and allocates grants to impactful local charitable organisations and community groups, focussing on our five priority areas – as determined by our Local Needs Assessment – for funding.

Jersey Community Fund priorities:

  • Community inclusion and tackling inequality

  • Caring for an ageing population

  • Addressing the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and poverty

  • Promoting mental health and wellbeing

  • Encouraging healthy living, including combating obesity


Since its establishment in 2023, JCF has distributed nearly £1m to local charitable organisations that pursue these aims.

Case studies

  • Project: Group education course to reverse pre-diabetes

    The project entails the development and implementation of a nine-session intervention, comprising two one-to-one appointments and seven group sessions. Its primary objective is to educate and empower individuals to reverse pre-diabetes, a condition that elevates the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Participants receive guidance and support to adopt lifestyle changes necessary for reversing pre-diabetes and enhancing their overall health outcomes both in the present and future.



    Participants experience weight loss and improvements in metabolic markers such as blood pressure and diabetes blood results. These positive changes contribute to enhanced health outcomes and decrease the likelihood of developing chronic illnesses in the future. There is also an observed increase in levels of physical activity among participants. This uptick in physical activity not only promotes immediate improvements in physical and mental health but also supports long-term wellbeing.

    Finally, participants report increased confidence and support for sustainable positive lifestyle changes, attributable to the group nature and social interaction during the courses, as well as proposed ongoing meet-up sessions. These outcomes collectively demonstrate the efficacy of the courses and provide compelling evidence to support further funding applications aimed at expanding the reach of the programme and accommodating a broader target audience.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review

  • Project: Summer munch bunch: Scheme to combat holiday hunger for vulnerable children               

    This project was a community campaign to provide food boxes to families with nursery and primary school children during the 2023 summer holidays.

    The primary objective was to address the potential gap in food provision for children who typically rely on meals provided at school during term time. By providing food boxes, the project sought to ensure that children do not go hungry during the school holidays and to offer support to families who may have faced challenges in providing nutritious meals during this period.



    The campaign successfully provided nutritious food boxes to families with nursery and primary school children during the summer holidays in Jersey. This intervention significantly alleviated the risk of children going without regular, healthy meals during this period. The provision of food boxes also contributed to improving the health and wellbeing of children experiencing food insecurity. By granting access to balanced lunches, the campaign supported children's physical and mental health, promoting healthy growth and development. Furthermore, the campaign played a pivotal role in raising awareness of holiday hunger by stimulating conversations and actions around this important issue. Through community engagement and outreach efforts, it advocated for access to nutritious food for all while providing vital support to families struggling to provide regular, healthy meals for their children.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review

The Greville Bathe Fund

The Greville Bathe Fund was established to aid sick and elderly individuals living in Jersey. Since JCF took on The Fund, we have awarded over ££802,589.50 to charitable organisations and community groups that help pursue this aim. Our funding reaches a diverse range of the community, with projects aimed at improving the health of Islanders from premature babies to the elderly in care homes. 

Case studies

  • Project: A community-based childhood obesity prevention pilot to support healthy weight and mental wellbeing in Jersey children​

    Children who are overweight or obese are more likely to suffer from lifestyle health issues into adulthood, like diabetes and obesity, which makes them more prone to health issues and places additional strain on our health service.


    This project is a 15-month pilot that adopts a community-centred approach, recognising being very overweight as a societal issue, not an individual one. This is similar to other successful approaches found elsewhere around the world. Bringing together essential community partners, the initiative focusses on tailored one-to-one support for children and their families.


    The aims are to enhance children’s long-term health by reducing weight-related diseases, improving mental health, addressing health inequalities and alleviating the burden on Jersey’s health services – all to create a healthier, equal, thriving and informed future workforce who have healthier habits and spend more time outdoors.



    Focusing on the physical health of enrolled children, the project works to reduce BMI towards a healthy range, supporting long-term wellbeing and reducing the risk of obesity-related issues in adulthood. This personalised approach acknowledges the variability in healthy weight loss among children, ensuring success is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


    In addressing the wellbeing of children facing mental health challenges, the project also targets indicators like self-confidence and happiness. Positive changes are anticipated to yield both short and long-term mental health benefits, enhancing overall contentment and emotional resilience.


    To promote behavioural changes in both children and families, the project emphasises education and active participation in health-related decisions. Empowering families to adopt healthier habits can positively influence factors such as dietary intake, exercise and screen time, encouraging long-term sustainability and independent health management.

    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review

  • Project: Creating a framework for emergency funding​

    This project aims to establish a dynamic and adaptable framework for emergency funding, specifically tailored to cater to individuals and families grappling with financial hardship or confronting the challenges associated with a diagnosis of a life-limiting condition.


    By recognising the diverse and often urgent needs of vulnerable people, the objective is to offer timely and targeted assistance, providing essential resources and support when they are needed most.


    Through a comprehensive and compassionate approach, the project seeks to alleviate financial burdens, enhance quality of life and bring about a sense of security and stability for those navigating difficult circumstances.


    Needing urgent or sustained treatment abroad is a fact of island life and a stressful scenario for anyone needing treatment, but when children are involved, families can be faced with almost impossible decisions driven by financial, employment or simple logistics.


    The support provided by Family First lessens the stress and worry faced by families in the immediate term by arranging things like the booking of travel and accommodation and liaising with employers to arrange for individuals to be signed off work. Over the longer-term, it is hoped that the child(ren) of the families supported are able to thrive and reach their full potential.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

The Ann Alice Rayner Fund

The Alice Ann Rayner Fund aims to help Jersey residents who are experiencing financial difficulties and unable to access support through traditional means. Since 2020, JCF has distributed over £263,872.00 to local projects that pursue this aim.

Case studies

  • Project: Support for children and young people under the care of Social Services

    This project endeavours to enrich the lives of vulnerable children and young people by offering tailored support during difficult times. Through a holistic approach, it aims to identify and address their unmet needs while restoring their self-confidence and trust in their environment as they mature. Services include counselling, mentoring and access to resources, each tailored to individual requirements.


    By strengthening relationships with caregivers and community members, the project seeks to create a supportive system for these children. Ultimately, the goal is to promote emotional wellbeing, resilience and positive development, empowering them to overcome challenges and thrive as they navigate the journey of growing up.



    The support provided creates positive experiences and opportunities for children and young people, aimed at improving their daily lives and empowering families towards independence.

    It ensures that care-experienced children have access to opportunities equivalent to their peers in stable family environments, including nursery school placements, holiday experiences, new clothing and assistance in setting up their first homes.

    The project also enables all care-experienced children and young individuals in Jersey to realise their full potential, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds.


    Finally, the initiative increases the number of care-experienced individuals successfully transitioning towards independent living, fostering self-sufficiency and autonomy.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

  • Project: Baby basics

    This project aims to alleviate the financial strain experienced by families following the birth of a new baby and the associated expenses. By providing practical support, each family receives a basket containing essential items for the care of the newborn. These baskets may include nappies, clothing, blankets, feeding supplies and hygiene products, among other provisions.


    By addressing immediate needs, the project aims to relieve financial pressure and ensure that families can focus on providing the best care for their newborn without undue stress. Additionally, the provision of these essential items fosters a sense of support and community, affirming that families are not alone during this significant life transition.



    Aiming to give babies the opportunity to have an equal start in life, this project supports around 100 to 150 low income families. This saves each family around £300 if they were to buy all of the contents new.


    Feedback from midwives indicates that that baskets help to reduce potential risks associated with identified vulnerabilities of mothers and babies; and feedback from families shows that the baskets make a positive and tangible difference for them.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.


Never miss a grant deadline

Lottery Fund I: Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund

Channel Islands Lottery Funding: JCF distribute 50% of the Jersey allocation of the Channel Islands Lottery proceeds, which are awarded across three funds: Arts, Culture and Heritage; Sports and Active Lifestyle; and Applied Science and Research. In 2023, JCF awarded £612,381.95  to numerous local charities and contributed towards essential community services and activities with funds from the Channel Islands Lottery.

Case studies

  • Project: Musical tours in healthcare settings

    This project seeks to enhance the quality of life for individuals residing in various care facilities – such as the hospital, nursing and residential homes, day care centres, the prison and special schools – through a series of concerts tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each setting.


    By promoting mental stimulation, social interaction and entertainment, the project aims to improve overall wellbeing and contribute to a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience for residents and patients in care facilities throughout the community.



    A series of seven concerts has drawn approximately 2,000 attendees, marking a significant turnout. Beyond entertainment, these events show tangible results, including improved clinical outcomes such as reduced drug consumption, shorter hospital stays and better patient management. Moreover, staff members report increased job satisfaction, while the overall quality of services have been enhanced.


    Observations from members of the Board of the Jersey Arts in Health Care Trust underscore the transformative impact of these performances. Nurses note a remarkable improvement in patient communication and social engagement among residents who typically have limited interaction, highlighting the profound influence of arts interventions in care settings.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

  • Project: Public engagement project

    This project aims to educate and inspire various groups, including school children, National Trust members and the wider community of islanders, about the mission and objectives of the National Trust.


    By raising awareness about the importance of preserving natural spaces, wildlife habitats and historic buildings, the project seeks to instill a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards the island's heritage and environment. Educational initiatives, such as guided tours, interactive workshops and information sessions help attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of conservation efforts and the role they can play in safeguarding the island's natural and cultural heritage for future generations.



    This project increases awareness and understanding of Jersey’s biodiversity crisis and the Trust's active efforts to combat it. Similarly, there is increased recognition of the importance of preserving the island's historic buildings and the Trust's role in this endeavour.


    Through initiatives like opening 16 New Street and the Mill to the public, the Trust is bolstering its visibility and attracting more islanders. Non-members engaging with the Trust's public engagement programme are also subsequently supporting its mission by becoming members or volunteering.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

Lottery Fund II: Sport and Active Lifestyles Fund

Channel Islands Lottery Funding: JCF distribute 50% of the Jersey allocation of the Channel Islands Lottery proceeds, which are awarded across three funds: Arts, Culture and Heritage; Sports and Active Lifestyle; and Applied Science and Research. In 2023, JCF awarded £612,381.95  to numerous local charities and contributed towards essential community services and activities with funds from the Channel Islands Lottery.

Case studies

  • Project: Skate Park Project​

    The skate park project is designed to encourage active engagement among young people throughout the island, offering a range of activities and opportunities spanning sports, arts and culture. Beyond the confines of the skate park itself, the project extends its reach to various venues, providing a dynamic platform for youth involvement.


    Through collaborative efforts and participatory activities, the project encourages social interaction, skill development and creative expression, driving a sense of belonging and camaraderie among participants while promoting healthy and active lifestyles among Jersey's youth population.



    Recruitment and training of members of the skate community provides them with valuable youth work skills.


    This initiative also offers numerous young individuals positive experiences, leading to a notable increase in confidence and self-esteem. A significant benefit highlighted by park users is the sense of being heard and acknowledged by Jersey's community, nurturing a stronger connection to the island and a sense of pride among skaters.


    By embracing a diverse range of user groups, including skateboarders, scooter riders, BMX enthusiasts and inline skaters, as well as spectators, the project is growing a vibrant and inclusive skate park community.


    Additionally, the project encourages young people to participate in physical activities while promoting their involvement in broader skate culture elements like music, art, and filmmaking.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

  • Project: Physical activity for people with dementia and their carers

    This project encompasses a range of different physical activities for people with dementia and their carers. By providing a variety of exercises and movement-based interventions, the project aims to enhance mobility, promote regular physical activity and foster social connections among participants.


    These activities mean that individuals with dementia can experience improved physical health and wellbeing, while also enjoying opportunities for social engagement and interaction.


    Ultimately, the goal is to support individuals with dementia to maintain a higher quality of life and remain active members of their community for as long as possible



    Participants in the Dementia Jersey project express a sense of invigoration through engaging in physical exercise, finding enjoyment and fulfillment in the activities.


    Moreover, the opportunity to connect with others facing similar challenges significantly reduces feelings of isolation among individuals living with dementia.


    Carers also report feeling less isolated and a heightened enjoyment of the physical activities provided through the project, highlighting the positive impact on both individuals with dementia and their caregivers.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

Lottery Fund III: Applied Science and Research Fund

Channel Islands Lottery Funding: JCF distribute 50% of the Jersey allocation of the Channel Islands Lottery proceeds, which are awarded across three funds: Arts, Culture and Heritage; Sports and Active Lifestyle; and Applied Science and Research. In 2023, JCF awarded £612,381.95  to numerous local charities and contributed towards essential community services and activities with funds from the Channel Islands Lottery.

Case studies

  • Project: The past climates of Jersey

    Jersey has a unique set of preserved Ice Age features that evidence dramatically different climates over the past 500,000 years. However, these features remain largely unexplored through modern scientific scrutiny, leaving significant untapped potential in deciphering the island's environmental evolution.


    This groundbreaking research initiative, spearheaded by internationally renowned climate scientists, seeks to unlock Jersey's past and future climates. By delving into these untouched archives and using advanced analytical techniques, the project aims to provide a 'high-resolution' understanding of the island's environmental history.


    Moreover, this research translates new knowledge into engaging public outreach efforts and sheds light on Jersey’s past (and future) climates. This is pivotal in tackling climate change.



    The project has revealed three significant findings about Jersey's past environment. It has determined the age of historical climate records on the island with great precision, helping us to understand how Jersey has evolved over time.


    It has also reconstructed the history of sea levels around Jersey, showing us how the coastline has changed over the years.


    Lastly, the project has investigated dust storms in Jersey's past, revealing where the dust came from and how intense the storms were.


    These discoveries enhance our understanding of Jersey's environmental history, offering valuable insights into its past development and future climate.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

  • Project: Small mammals and acoustic surveying

    This research project aims to enhance understanding of the status and distribution of two protected shrew species in Jersey. Additionally, it seeks to investigate the potential effects of climate change on these species. By employing field surveys, habitat assessments and rigorous data analysis, valuable insights are gained into the ecological dynamics and vulnerabilities of these shrew populations in response to environmental shifts.



    The project contributes to a PhD study, detailing the status and distribution of Jersey's two shrew species. It also gathers acoustic data that can be used for further research on bats, birds, insects and amphibians.


    Additionally, the project develops a reliable method using passive acoustic detectors to track the presence and abundance of the target shrew species. This method could be applied in other areas as well.


    The project also collaborates with the British Trust for Ornithology to create an acoustic classifier for local small mammals, allowing for passive monitoring to identify trends in species distribution and abundance across the island.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

WO Street Charitable Foundation Jersey Fund

The WO Street Charitable Foundation Jersey Fund aims to empower communities by advancing education and alleviating poverty, with a particular focus on children and young people facing financial challenges in accessing education and basic necessities. Additionally, the Fund provides support for the elderly and individuals living with blindness and disabilities who lack access to medical or convalescent care. The overarching goal is to strengthen the capabilities of these communities and enhance their wellbeing, ultimately supporting a better quality of life. Since 2020, JCF  has awarded over £66,500.00  to community groups and charitable organisations in pursuit of this fund’s aim.

Case studies

  • Project: Sit down boxing

    The primary goal of sit down boxing is to positively impact the lives of elderly people and those living with disabilities who live in care homes and day centres. Through their innovative approach, Boxd Off offer low-intensity, low-risk workouts focussed on numbers, hand-eye coordination and light mobility exercises. These activities aim to enhance physical activity and mobility among these demographics, while encouraging inclusivity for individuals who are sometimes marginalised in society.



    The project yields significant results in several key areas. Firstly, it successfully maintains the activity levels and mobility of participants, aligning with findings from external research. This leads to a notable decrease in the requirement for complex care and medication among the target demographic.


    Furthermore, the project is achieving a significant increase in reach, growing from 60 to 150 participants per month. This broader engagement enables the project to have a more substantial impact on the community.


    Finally, the project's classes have a profound effect on participants' overall confidence and happiness. By facilitating a sense of community and enjoyment, the sessions not only bring joy but also enhance participants' ability to connect their minds and hands, as well as improving arm strength and mobility.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

  • Project: Touch Trust storytelling sessions

    The project aims to establish an immersive multisensory learning environment at Mont a L'abbe school, offering live interactive storytelling sessions tailored for children with complex needs in primary and secondary education.


    Building upon the Touch Trust foundational programme – a touch-based creative movement and dance initiative – the project seeks to introduce novel opportunities for learners to engage with the creative arts within the context of storytelling.


    By incorporating targeted sensory focusses, the project endeavours to support the development of creativity, imagination and self-expression, while ensuring that the individual learning needs of each child are acknowledged and met.


    Through these activities, the project aspires to provide a rich and inclusive educational experience that empowers children with complex needs to thrive and flourish.



    The project is resulting in significant achievements, enhancing the educational experience for children with complex needs at Mont a L'abbe School.


    It supports the school's recent investment in appropriate reading schemes and non-fiction books, facilitating curriculum development with consistent and collaborative approaches across all levels of the school.


    The project also champions inclusive learning, ensuring that no child is denied access to arts opportunities due to perceived disabilities or challenges. By serving as a model for future targeted sensory learning initiatives at the school, the project aims to inspire and support inclusive practices in education.


    Lastly, the project creates outstanding and specialist learning opportunities for children and young people with complex needs, promoting joy, connection and meaningful engagement.


    Through these efforts, the project contributes to improve the quality of life for the children, enriching their educational journey and overall wellbeing.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

Kezia’s Fund

The family of 14-year old Kezia Mason launched Kezia's Fund with Jersey Community Foundation on the one-year anniversary of her death by suicide on 7 March 2023. Established to support mental health among children and young people aged 5 to 25 and their families in Jersey, the fund provides grants and support to organisations and voluntary groups that work to improve children and young people's mental wellbeing. Since its establishment in 2023, JCF has awarded over £174,335.50 to local charitable organisations and community groups that pursue these aims.

Case studies

  • Project: 2 x seasonal worker salaries

    The grant funds the employment of two seasonal workers. One worker was employed to support operations during the winter season of 2023-2024, while the other will be hired for the spring/summer season of 2024. This funding enables the organisation to adequately staff its operations during peak seasons, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery of services during these periods.



    The ongoing project supports over 100 students with additional needs, providing them with opportunities to learn outside the traditional classroom environment and engage in enriching experiences.


    The implementation of part-time positions also enables the project to continue delivering sessions to existing athletes, benefiting their wellbeing and mental health. Plans to explore additional intervention schemes such as siblings sessions and social club evenings aim to further enhance the support offered to athletes and their families.


    The project also commits to making ocean and coastal areas more inclusive for Jersey's vulnerable populations through regular sessions and weekend events.


    Lastly, by collaborating with the Government of Jersey and local charities, the project also increases awareness and recognition of its interventions among healthcare professionals and the broader community.

    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

  • Project: Neuro mind counselling outreach project

    The project provides a counselling service tailored to neurodivergent children and young people. Led by neurodivergent individuals themselves, the service aims to offer a unique and empathetic approach to engaging these individuals.


    Recognising that many neurodivergent children struggle to access appropriate support due to a lack of understanding from existing services, the project's counsellors employ a neurodiversity-affirming approach. This perspective views conditions such as autism, ADHD, OCD, TS, dyslexia and others not as problems to be solved, but as individual neurotypes with distinct strengths, needs and challenges.


    Importantly, the service does not require an official diagnosis, eliminating a common barrier to receiving support. While the primary focus is on supporting neurodivergent children, young people and families, the project remains committed to assisting anyone in crisis and will provide referrals to other services when necessary.



    The project achieves significant outcomes that positively impact neurodivergent individuals and their families. By offering a service dedicated to improving the mental health of young neurodivergent people, the project ensures timely access to much-needed support. Recognising the urgency of early intervention, the service addresses the lengthy waiting lists and the scarcity of knowledge in working with neurodivergent individuals.

    Additionally, the project provides valuable work experience for trainee counsellors, fulfilling their 100-hour work requirement while equipping them with training in understanding neurodiversity. This initiative expands the pool of counsellors in Jersey with expertise in supporting neurodivergent individuals and generates future revenue for the charity through accreditation and training services.


    Finally, the project offers support to parents who often lack resources to understand and address their child's complex needs. By providing counselling sessions with trainee counsellors, the project indirectly benefits neurodivergent children by supporting their parents' mental wellbeing, thus enabling them to provide better support to their children.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

Environmental grants

The pressing need for innovative solutions to combat climate change and preserve our Island’s biodiversity has never been more urgent.  Through our environmental grant allocations, we aim to catalyze impactful projects that address environmental challenges, foster community engagement, and inspire lasting change. Our Environment Fund is currently supported by a number of local businesses, individuals and charitable trusts who want to support environmental conservation and restoration projects in Jersey.

Case studies

  • Project: Life below water: education workshops

    The education workshops are meticulously crafted to empower students as Ocean Guardians. Using interactive methods, they instill knowledge of marine biodiversity and sustainable practices, strenghtening environmental stewardship. By cultivating this awareness, the project aims to cultivate a generation dedicated to ocean conservation.


    The sessions are dynamic and engaging, equipping participants with communication skills to convey complex scientific concepts effectively. Through storytelling, the workshops illustrate the power of narratives in bridging the gap between research and public understanding. Attendees acquire practical tools for crafting impactful stories, engaging the public and driving positive change for our oceans.



    Ongoing results include increased ocean awareness and engagement among the public, resulting in a collective sense of responsibility and participation in conservation efforts. Individuals are more informed about marine ecosystems' critical state and take tangible actions to protect them, leading to reduced plastic waste and increased sustainable behaviours.


    In addition, students are empowered as Ocean Guardians through educational workshops, actively advocating for marine protection and initiating local initiatives like beach clean-ups.


    The project also empowers children as active storytellers for ocean conservation, equipping them with skills to communicate effectively and inspire positive actions among their peers and broader networks. Through workshops, they craft compelling narratives and engage their communities in conversations about marine protection, amplifying their impact beyond the workshop setting.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

  • Project: Response to damage cause by Storm Ciarán

    Following the aftermath of Storm Ciarán, Jersey Trees for Life faced significant challenges in restoring and preserving the island's tree population. With the generous support of the £10,496 grant from a donor, the organisation swiftly mobilised efforts to clear fallen trees and mitigate environmental damage. This funding facilitated the procurement of essential equipment and resources, enabling volunteers to undertake extensive clean-up operations across affected areas, ensuring the safety of local communities and the preservation of Jersey's natural landscape.



    The impact of this grant allowed Jersey Trees for Life to address the immediate aftermath of Storm Ciarán and minimise its long-term ecological repercussions. Through coordinated clean-up efforts, the charity not only restored the safety and aesthetic appeal of public spaces, but also safeguarded vital habitats for wildlife and enhanced the resilience of Jersey's tree canopy. Furthermore, the grant facilitated community engagement initiatives, fostering a sense of solidarity and environmental stewardship among residents.


    A full list of 2023 grants can be viewed in our Annual Review.

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