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Corporate Funds

In Jersey there are over 450 charities to choose from and it can be difficult to find the time and expertise to approach corporate giving efficiently. Knowing that your money is going to the right place, and dealing with the day-to-day hassles of on-going administration can be daunting. Giving with the Jersey Community Foundation is designed to be as simple as possible. Companies benefit from the Community Foundation’s due diligence and knowledge of local needs.

We give you a chance to connect with your Island and directly benefit causes based on your company’s values, passions and interests; whether that be supporting older people, those with disabilities, helping young people with education and training or local sporting projects.

Create a bespoke Corporate Fund

Your company can create a bespoke fund, where you and your staff can be as involved in the giving process as you wish. We can arrange for you and your team to visit the projects you support and keep you updated with their progress through monitoring reports, or you can simply establish your giving criteria and leave us to do the work on your behalf.

Themed Funds

As a business, you can give to our Collective Funds that bring together donors wishing to support specific causes they are most passionate about, by pooling together donations.

Explore our Themed Funds

Our Themed Funds provide the perfect way for local people to collaborate with others to support the causes that matter to them.

Supporting our ongoing work

Supporting the day-to-day essential resources of running the Jersey Community Foundation will enable us to strengthen and grow the vital work we support across the Island.

By donating to us this way, you can help us reach as many people in need as possible.

Alternatively we produce many publications, leaflets and marketing materials. We welcome the opportunity for companies to support this part of our work through sponsorship. For more information about how you can help please contact us.


Never miss a grant deadline


Empowering generosity:

The essence of giving back

Discover how your contributions support vital projects and causes, embodying our core values of generosity and impact. Join our journey, where every act of giving seeds a future of collective prosperity and resilience.

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