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The Island Research Repository (IRR) has officially launched, opening a digital gateway to a treasure trove of freely available Jersey-specific knowledge and research all in one place.

Made possible by generous funding from Jersey Community Foundation and the Institute of Law Jersey – and built and administered by the Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studied (JICAS) – this groundbreaking website offers comprehensive, credible and entirely free access to a wide range of research spanning topics such as health and social care, history, the environment, education, justice and politics.

Historically, accessing Jersey-related research has been challenging due to limited funding resources and significant knowledge locked away in inaccessible journals and costly subscriptions. The IRR aims to change that narrative by providing an easily accessible online platform for everyone, from inquisitive individuals to dedicated community advocates and policy-makers.

The IRR is the result of a collective effort led by the Steering Committee of the Charity Research Group, established in 2022 to promote holistic and collaborative research in Jersey. The platform’s mission is to:

  • Assess the needs of the local community through research;

  • Underpin informed decision-making to enhance services and policy;

  • Foster partnerships for better outcomes for Islanders;

  • Cultivate a vibrant research culture across the Island; and,

  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge on a global scale, focusing on island nations and small states.

The platform welcomes submissions from members of the public, researchers, students, not-for-profit organisations, charities and the public sector. Private sector organisations are encouraged to submit research where it benefits the Island and its residents. These contributions not only play a vital role in making the IRR a richer and more diverse resource, but also help to expand our understanding of Jersey-specific challenges, promote collaboration across sectors and support evidence-based decision-making.

CEO of Family Nursing & Home Care and Steering Committee member, Rosemarie Finley, emphasised the importance of the IRR, saying, “The Research Repository is a start, and unless research is read and implemented, we won’t see improvements for Islanders in our services and policy-making.” She further acknowledged Jersey Community Foundation for its pivotal role in making the intiative a reality and the importance of collaboration, saying, “It's essential to acknowledge the significant role played by the Jersey Community Foundation; their generous funding was the cornerstone that made all this possible.”

Anna Terry, CEO of Jersey Community Foundation, highlighted the power of collective actions, stating, “The IRR is a fantastic example of how collective action can make a real impact, not just in research but in addressing broader community needs. We hope this inspiring collaboration serves as a catalyst for even more partnerships in the future, addressing various challenges our community faces, and ultimately making Jersey an even better place for all.

Designed for simplicity and accessibility, the website offers user-friendly navigation and robust search functions. Users can easily find relevant information through keyword searches, titles, dates, authors or organisations.

Explore the IRR at and become a vital part of the journey to build a more knowledgeable and informed Jersey.

Island Research Repository revolutionises access to Jersey-specific knowledge

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