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The Jersey Community Foundation are pleased to announce that The Bailiff, Mr Timothy Le Cocq, has accepted the position as their first Patron.

Established in 2020, with a £2 million donation from Dormant Bank Accounts, the Foundation has been at the forefront of the philanthropic response to Covid-19, providing funding to help the voluntary sector respond to the Island’s immediate needs, to adapt and survive.

The Foundation also distributes 50% of the CI Lottery proceeds to projects within sports and active lifestyles, heritage, culture, arts and science sectors, totalling almost £1.5 million from the 2019 and 2020 proceeds. It was recently announced that the Foundation would be undertaking a pilot project to manage the income distribution of two funds previously managed by the Treasury Department, the Greville Bathe Fund and the Ann Alice Rayner Fund, which distribute between £800,000 and £1 million in grants per annum.

In addition, the Foundation work with several local companies and individual philanthropists to both encourage them to give locally and to support them in ensuring their charitable giving has the greatest possible impact.

The Bailiff, Mr Timothy Le Cocq commented,

“Becoming Jersey Community Foundation’s first Patron is a real honour and pleasure. Having seen the work which the Foundation is already doing to support our island community, I’m looking forward to seeing it develop so it can increase the levels of support offered to both the local community and in assisting local donors who are themselves looking for causes to help.”

Anna Terry, CEO of the Jersey Community Foundation commented: “We are delighted that the Bailiff, Mr Timothy Le Cocq, has kindly agreed to be our Patron. As a Foundation very much focused on the Jersey community, it will be of enormous benefit to us to have a Patron who plays such a central role in the Island.

We believe the Jersey Community Foundation can and will grow to become an Island institution which will play an increasingly important part in helping support our local community. We very much look forward to the Bailiff being part of that journey with us.”

2021 was the Foundation’s first full year of operating and they distributed over £1 million to 46 local organisations. A full list of grants made can be found on their website:

The Bailiff announced as the Jersey Community Foundation’s first Patron

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