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Jersey Community Fund

The Jersey Community Fund is the Foundation’s main Themed Fund.

The Fund pools donations from a number of donors, including funds from Dormant Bank Accounts. Grants from our Jersey Community Fund are allocated to impactful local charitable organisations and community groups.


Organisations can apply for grants in response to any issues or needs identified within the local community, provided there is a clear evidence of community need.

Priority will be given to projects that align with the Foundation’s main funding priorities, identified as part of the most recent local needs assessment research:

  • Healthy living (inc Obesity)

  • Mental Health

  • Care for an Ageing Population

  • Community Inclusion/Inequality

  • Cost of Living Impact (poverty)


Closing date for the next round is 27th October 2024.

Funding will have a focus on prevention, whilst recognising there is always a need for immediate impact funding.

As well as funding your support to communities, part of the grant can be used to support the resilience and sustainability of your community organisation. This means funding for core organisational costs.

We acknowledge that there may considerable overlap between the priority funding areas, your project does not have to be shaped to fit only one.

Typically, we will not support capital projects.

However, applications can be considered for any other charitable purpose focusing on the current needs in the Island.

More Information

    • Work out genuinely how the Cost of Living has affected you, especially in terms of demand and delivery

    • How is it likely to affect you in the medium to long term?

    • Don’t try and ‘squeeze’ ask to fit

    • What demand change do you see in respect of the people you are working with

    • Think about what you are asking for – it’s impossible to tell what’s going to happen long term, so try and be realistic

    • Tell the funder what you need as much as you can

    • Funders have to demonstrate that what they are doing is valid, they have a finite amount of money available

    • Prioritize activities that have the greatest impact (use data to support decisions)

    • Review expenditure

    • Collaborate with others for service delivery & fundraising

    • Restructure salaries so they are more competitive


Empowering generosity:

The essence of giving back

Discover how your contributions support vital projects and causes, embodying our core values of generosity and impact. Join our journey, where every act of giving seeds a future of collective prosperity and resilience.


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