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Sedel-Collings Foundation

The Sedel-Collings Foundation was set up in 2006 by Rae Sedel and John Collings with a mission to empower and sustain vital community services – from supporting men’s mental health through to supporting women who have been victims of domestic violence.

This philanthropic organisation has partnered with Jersey Community Foundation (JCF) to support local charities and voluntary organisations.

Applications for the fund are considered within the Community Fund.

Sedel Collings Foundation

Following the death of the founders in 2021 the Foundation is now run by four volunteer advisors who use their expertise to oversee careful management of the fund in line with couple’s wishes.

The Sedel-Collings Foundation concentrates it giving on the following critical areas to ensure their funds have a meaningful and lasting impact:

  • Care leavers: Supporting children and young people transitioning out of care homes, helping them navigate the challenges of independent living.

  • Violence against women: Funding initiatives that prevent violence against women and provide support to survivors.

  • Supporting the supporters: Strengthening the capacity of charitable organisations by funding support for volunteers through safeguarding, support and supervision.

  • Youth mental health: Addressing mental health issues among children and young people, providing access to resources and support.

  • Men’s mental health: Focussing on mental health issues specific to men, providing tailored support and resources to improve their wellbeing.

  • Suicide prevention: Preventing suicide by nurturing community connections and providing mental health support.

  • Loneliness: Initiatives aimed at reducing loneliness across all age groups, promoting social inclusion and community engagement.

  • Bereavement: Offering support services for individuals grieving the loss of a loved one, helping them cope and heal.


Grants are available to constituted groups including community groups, voluntary organisations and charities to help build and support initiatives that meet the priorities above and that have a lasting effect.


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