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Sport & active lifestyles lottery Fund

Sport and physical activity has a big role to play in improving the physical and mental health of Islanders, having a positive impact on the health of our community and economic activity. Sport and physical activity have the power to level the playing field and address the inequality of opportunity faced by some of our valued island communities.

The current maximum grant size is £50,000 per applicant per financial year. Multi-year grants will be considered.

More Information

  • This fund will allow more people in Jersey to be engaged in sport or to become physically active for life.

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of eligible costs we might expect to fund as part of any submitted plan which meets any of the criteria detailed below;

    • Support to create or develop a sport development plan

    • Equipment

    • Events – for example seed funding to start a new inclusive competition or event.

    • Small scale facility development.

    • Workforce development and training –for example coaches, volunteers, officials.

    • Employment of sport development officers or other staff which grow capacity.

    • Employment of sports coaches and support staff.

    • Governance support and guidance within sports clubs and associations.


    What Will Not be Funded

    • Sports travel – Jersey Sport have a travel grants fund for sports travel.

    • Projects related to performance/ elite sport.

  • Why do you have to clearly set out your project outcomes?

    Project outcomes are really important to us because we want to back projects that make a difference.

    This is so important to us that we’ve decided that we’ll only support projects that clearly explain what their outcomes are.

    If you aren’t clear about the outcomes your project is likely to create, we won’t be able to support your work. And if you are clear about your outcomes, but it doesn’t line up with one or more of the five outcomes we have prioritised, we also won't be able to help you.

  • Applications cannot be funded retrospectively so the project start date must be after Board decision date.

    Funding must be spent usually within one calendar year of award.

    The Jersey Community Foundation works with Advisory Groups, with sector specific expertise, to support the Foundation in reviewing applications.

    Jersey Sport will support the Foundation in promoting the availability of the funds.

    Evaluation and Monitoring Requirements

    All grant recipients must report to the Foundation on how the grant has been spent and the extent to which the funded activity has achieved the outcomes you submitted in your project plan.

    Where appropriate, we expect applicants to consider what steps they can take to create positive environmental impacts and reduce negative environmental impacts through their projects. The measures that you implement should be appropriate for the scale of your project.

    Got a Great Idea?

    If you could do with a little help and not sure if your project matches the criteria, then you can always just tell us your idea. Forget about the application process for now, simply tell us your idea - including ones that use sport and physical activity to support the community through the coronavirus crisis - and we'll let you know if it's something we can help you with.

    Contact Details

    If you need any support with your application, please contact the Jersey Community Foundation in the first instance at:

  • Project Criteria


    Priority will be given to those bids which seek to deliver outcomes with a long-term focus on enabling active living, improving Islanders physical and mental health, or those which will increase participation numbers in sport and physical activity across all the Island’s population.

    Your application must:

    1. Fit one or more charitable purposes as set out in the Charities (Jersey) Law 2014

    2. Where possible, be endorsed by an appropriate Jersey based sports association or other governing body, unless the application is from a Jersey based sports association with a remit for the development of the sport across the island.

    3. Be able to demonstrate impact against one or more of the following criteria:

    • Your project will deliver new opportunities for sport and physical activity across Jersey with a particular focus on communities and individuals less likely or able to engage in your current provision. For example, low-socio economic groups, people with a physical or mental disability, or other communities within the Island.

    • Your project supports the development of pathways in sport and physical activity ensuring there is appropriate provision for all participants at every level. For example, making the transition from school sport to club sport.

    • Your project will create greater capacity and/or a more highly skilled voluntary or paid workforce to deliver high quality sport and physical activity opportunities in Jersey.

    • Your project will improve or add to an existing facility which will support and deliver high quality, inspiring and accessible facilities to be active.

    • Your project will work in partnership with other key stakeholders in Jersey such as (but not exhaustive) the police, probation service, education, and the voluntary and community sector, to support individuals to make positive life changes through engaging in sport and physical activity.

    • Your project will ensure there is greater sustainability in your provision of sport or physical activity for ALL islanders to maintain and access sport and physical activity as part of their normal daily lives.


    Organisation Criteria


    All applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to make an application to this fund;

    • Your organisation is a registered not-for-profit, or a registered Jersey Charity.

    • Your organisation, club, group, or association is properly constituted – bids will not be accepted from or in support of an individual.

    • Your organisation has an effective management committee in place.

    • Your organisation can share the most recent signed annual accounts available from previous financial years. or demonstrate financial viability if a start-up organisation.

    • A safeguarding policy and associated procedures should be in place and active in your organisation.

    • Appropriate insurance covering the organisation and the activities being funded

  • In addition to your application form, please ensure you are able to provide the following supporting documents and information:

    • Satisfactory plan as to how the funding will be used, including one or more outcomes and how they will be measured. For large grants a comprehensive project plan is required with a timeline for delivery.

    • Evidence that the cost of the item or items to be funded has been obtained and is reasonably priced (evidence may include a selection of quotes or online comparisons)

    • Job descriptions and a statement from the recipient of its need for additional resource if the application is for staff costs;

    • Full details of the recipient’s bank and investment balances;

    • The most recent financial statements of the recipient to demonstrate both good financial management and sustainability;

    • A profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the current year of the Recipient (to be supplied before payment if not possible to provide on applying);

    • A project budget and details of other sources of funding where the costs are not solely sought from the fund.


Empowering generosity:

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Discover how your contributions support vital projects and causes, embodying our core values of generosity and impact. Join our journey, where every act of giving seeds a future of collective prosperity and resilience.


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