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WO Street charitable foundation Jersey Fund

The W0 Street Charitable Foundation was established by William Openshaw Street by a settlement deed dated 5 December 1973.

Grant Amounts are available up to the value of approximately £5,000

WO Street Charitable Foundation Jersey Fund

The aim of the WO Street Charitable Foundation Jersey Fund is to transform activities, enhance capacity and develop communities in line with the WO Street Foundation priorities. These include advancing education and tackling poverty particularly for children and young people who are unable to meet their educational or living costs or projects for older people, blind people or disabled people, particularly those who cannot afford medical or convalescent care.
Grants are available to constituted groups including community groups, voluntary organisations and charities to help build and support initiatives that meet the priorities above and that have a lasting effect.


Empowering generosity:

The essence of giving back

Discover how your contributions support vital projects and causes, embodying our core values of generosity and impact. Join our journey, where every act of giving seeds a future of collective prosperity and resilience.


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