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Words published in the Jersey Evening Post Monday 29 January 2024.

Our Police Force and Honoraries are committed to keeping Islanders safe, placing themselves in harms way and helping to create a culture of community safety, trust and fairness.

In part due to their dedicated service, Jersey prides itself on being a relatively safe place to live. Jersey scored 7/10 as a ‘safe place to live’ by respondents to Jersey Community Foundation’s (JCF) Local Needs Assessment 2023.

While Jersey does not have the level of crime that an inner city does, our Island is not immune to significant or major incidents though.

From the devastating gas explosion on 10 December 2022 to the tragic sinking of the L’Ecume II fishing boat just two days before, and from instances of domestic abuse to the the sombre reality of fatal suicide attempts, the States of Jersey Police find themselves at the forefront of investigations into these upsetting and impactful events.

In 2023 alone, £1.6 million from police and crime commissioner funds was distributed by UK Community Foundations (UKCF Philanthropy 2023). Typically, this money is allocated to support a variety of causes and initiatives aimed at enhancing community safety, reducing crime, addressing social issues and supporting police officers and their families.

JCF is now offering a similar service in Jersey specifically aimed at supporting the Island’s serving and retired police community.

Jersey Police Dependants’ Fund

Recognising the impact of duty on many police officers, local family, the Butlins, established the Jersey Police Dependants’ Trust in 1982.

The Butlin Family Charity Trust made an initial donation of £10,000 to the fund for Jersey police following the success of their family-friendly holidays camps known as ‘Butlins’ in the UK. Since then, the fund has grown to over £50,000.

JCF has recently been entrusted with the administration of the Jersey Police Dependants’ Fund, and it has become one of their dedicated 'Themed Funds'.

Who can apply for funding?

The goal of the Jersey Police Dependants’ Fund is to provide financial support to those in need within the following categories:

  • Jersey Police Officers (paid or honorary, and whether serving or retired)

  • Dependants of a Police Officer or a deceased Police Officer

  • Person who sustained an injury in assisting to an on-duty Police Officer

  • Dependant of a person mentioned above (c) or any person who may have died (whether or not as a result of such an injury)

How to apply

Applications for funding from the Jersey Police Dependants’ Fund can be made at any time, and money from the fund is distributed quickly and efficiently to help those in need.

A robust and dedicated panel consisting of people with diverse backgrounds is responsible for contributing their expertise and reviewing applications:

  • Mark Coxshall, CEO at EYECAN and former police officer

  • Detective Inspector Paul Ryan, Chair of the Police Welfare Committee at the States of Jersey Police

  • Kate Young, Sergeant and Police Welfare Committee at States of Jersey Police

  • Gareth Davies, Sergeant and Police Welfare Committee at States of Jersey Police

  • Danny Scaife, Former Honorary Police Officer

Applications can be made online, via JCF’s website:

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, and once approved, payments will be promptly processed. This efficient system reflects JCF’s dedication to providing timely support to those within the Jersey police community.

Panel member, Mark Coxshall, who is the CEO at EYECAN and a former police officer, comments on the importance of the fund, saying, “As a former police officer, I've witnessed first-hand the varied and challenging nature of policing. The Jersey Police Dependants’ Fund offers an alternative means of support intended to help officers and their families work through difficult times and often resulting from very unpredictable circumstances.”

CEO of Jersey Community Foundation, Anna Terry, says, “We welcome the opportunity to take over the management of this fund, which was established many years ago, to provide much needed support to our Island’s police community. As far as I’m aware, it’s the only fund of its kind in Jersey. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the new grant panel that has been established to support us in reviewing applications to the fund. Like all of JCF’s grant panels, they are all volunteers, and we are really grateful for both the time and expertise that they will bring to the panel.

The Fund is not only designed to provide aid in times of crisis, but to actively contribute to the continual resilience and development of those who dedicate their lives to our safety.

Donations to The Fund

As one of JCF’s Themed Funds, donations can be made at any time to increase the value of the fund and provide meaningful ongoing assistance to the wellbeing of those who safeguard our Island, past, present and in the future.

Donations can be made online via a BACS transfer. Please contact Helen Le Marquand at if you would like to contribute to the fund or would like to discuss leaving a legacy gift to the fund.

Final thoughts

The challenging nature of police work can expose officers to experiences that require the support of professional help to overcome. This may be related to physical or mental health. The Jersey Police Dependants’ Fund serves as a lifeline for those facing the unforeseen challenges of duty, as well as strengthening the resilience of the dedicated individuals within the Jersey police community.

However, its continued impact depends on community support. Public donations, large or small, empower this initiative to extend its reach and provide meaningful help. Please play your part in sustaining this vital lifeline for our local heroes.

Apply for funding now

Apply for funding from the Jersey Police Dependants’ Fund, or any other of JCF’s funds, via JCF’s website:

Find out more about the Jersey Police Dependants’ Fund at: https://www.jerseycommunityfou...

JCF’s funding deadlines in 2024

Jersey Community Foundation is responsible for managing a number of funds. Find out more at

Strengthening support and nurturing resilience for Jersey’s police community

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