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Applied science & applied research

Science has many benefits to our society including creating new knowledge, improving education, helping us towards a healthier and more sustainable future and increasing the quality of our lives. With funding from the Channel Islands Lottery, we will ensure that locally based scientific studies can help us learn more about the world around us in a way that directly benefits our Island.

Applied scientific research will help the Island to fill gaps in existing knowledge or use current scientific knowledge to achieve practical or useful outcomes.

The current maximum grant size is £50,000 per applicant per financial year. Multi-year grants will be considered.

More Information

  • Grants will be given for applied science or applied research in the fields of engineering, biology, ecology, physics, chemistry or mathematics, provided that the funds are either to be used locally or for the direct benefit of Jersey, including any education from which local residents may benefit.

    Applications may contain funding requests for post graduate qualifications, surveys, studies and development of locally based courses within the relevant areas, as part of the project submitted by an Organisation but individuals can not apply.

    You must be able to clearly demonstrate the positive impact your project or study will have for the Island of Jersey.

    A project may sit exactly within one of the supported disciplines below, across a few of them or involve another discipline.

    • Ecology

    • Engineering

    • Environmental Sciences

    • Biology

    • Geology

    • Physics

    • Chemistry

    • Mathematics


    What are the priorities:

    • Studies concerning native flora or fauna with a goal to improve the management or status of the species.

    • Development of new technologies or new methodologies in any of the relevant fields.

    • Studies outlined as recommendations for parties to multilateral environmental agreements to which the Island is a signatory.

    Applications cannot be funded retrospectively so the project start date must be after Board decision date.

    Funding must be spent usually within one calendar year of award.

  • Before you apply

    • You must be able to clearly demonstrate the positive impact your project or study will have for the Island of Jersey.

    • If applying for post graduate studies, you will need proof of a conditional or unconditional offer from the relevant institution.

    • If a project forms the dissertation element of a post graduate qualification a reference from your programme coordinator or supervisor will be required.


    The Jersey Community Foundation works with Advisory Groups, with sector specific expertise, to support the Foundation in reviewing applications.


    Where appropriate, we expect applicants to consider what steps they can take to create positive environmental impacts and reduce negative environmental impacts through their projects. The measures that you implement should be appropriate for the scale of your project.


    Criteria for all applications

    • Businesses, charities, not for profit organisations and community groups may apply.

    • Successful applications will relate to a project, study or initiative to be undertaken within Jersey, or which benefits Jersey

    • All applications must fit one or more charitable purposes as per the Charities (Jersey) Law 2014.

    • Grant recipients must report to the Foundation on how the Grant has been spent and the extent to which the funded activity has achieved the desired outcomes. The Foundation will provide the grant recipient with a reporting template.

    • Grants should be spent within one calendar year of receiving funding or as agreed otherwise with the Foundation.


    What can’t be funded

    • Social Sciences

    • Permanent paid positions

    • Applications from individuals


Empowering generosity:

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