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Supporting communities since 2020

About us

Jersey Community Foundation, a registered charity, links donors with local causes in Jersey. As part of a global network of 1,800+ foundations, it ensures efficient fund management, aligning with donors' wishes through specialised services.

Making a difference

Since 2020, we've distributed nearly £6.5 million to over 450 recipients. In 2022, our partnership with PwC produced a crucial Island-wide needs analysis, informing evidence-based grant strategies for addressing local challenges.

Tailored giving

In Jersey, navigating over 450 charities and 1300 Not-For-Profit Organizations can be difficult. We provide expert assistance to donors, ensuring their contributions support causes they're passionate about through thorough due diligence, rigorous assessment, and impactful monitoring and reporting.

Understanding need

At Jersey Community Foundation, we have a unique and in-depth understanding of local needs arising from:

Building a strong story around the impact of grants

A successful track record of assessing the impact of grants

Our unique oversight position that enables us to understand and evaluate a wide range of island charities and initiatives

A comprehensive island wide needs analysis that is maintained dynamically

Chief Executive Officer

Grants Manager

Operations Manager

Trustee & Co-Chair

Director and Co-Chair


Never miss a grant deadline

Our vision

In 2035, islanders are healthy, included and engaged, supported by a strong, efficient, impactful and thriving social community infrastructure.

  • Excellence

    We strive to achieve excellence in the delivery of our service by exceeding the expectations of both our donors and our grant recipients.


    We go above and beyond to support the organisations that apply to us for funding by sharing our knowledge and expertise to help build a sustainable and confident voluntary sector across Jersey.


    We operate with integrity in everything we do. We are transparent in our processes and deliver what we promise.


    We take a positive and creative approach, using our knowledge to realise the power of local philanthropy.

    • We will be a trusted and effective grant-giver to local charities, voluntary and community groups.

    • We will provide a delivery platform for the philanthropy of individuals, families, businesses and others.

    • We will provide ambitious leadership in the community of Jersey and will address difficult issues, advocating for services or policies which will provide social benefit.

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